RPC United Advisors’ Services


RPC supports the work of for-profit developers, nonprofit organizations, and local government through the development of commercial real estate. We assist with due diligence of property, concept and programming, community engagement and entitlements, deal structuring and feasibility, development team coordination, and project closeout. Specific tasks may include the following:

Development Advisory:

  • Assist with concept and programming to ensure feasibility
  • Manage development process
  • Community planning and engagement
  • Master planning and comprehensive feasibility
  • Zoning & Entitlement Process
  • Underwriting & Structuring of Financing
  • Tax Credit Consulting (LIHTC, NMTC and HTC)
  • Structuring complex mixed-income and workforce housing transactions
  • Hospitality Consulting

RPC provides financial advisory, management, and financial consulting services to government agencies, school districts, higher education institutions, and tax-exempt organizations. We specialize in debt management and securities offerings, management, and financial consulting.

Financial Advisory Services (for Municipal, Public and Private Sector):

  • Financial Management
  • Grant Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Organizational Analysis
  • Program and Policy Implementation
  • Human Talent Management
  • Capital Planning
  • Budget Planning and Formulation
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Revenue Enhancements
  • Institutional Marketing


RPC provides their clients with grant procurement, sourcing of government subsidies, placement of low interest rate and otherwise government financing specifically available to commercial real estate projects. These sources can be used for, but not limited to infrastructure, housing, commercial, remediation, and disaster relief.

Grant Procurement:

  • Advise on local, federal, and state funding sources available
  • Develop strategies to maximize federal and state assistance across multiple funding sources and agencies
  • Assist with scoping and preparing applications to public and private sources
  • Securing grants and/or subsidies through the various sources and agencies
  • Public low interest rate financing opportunities
  • Rental base operating subsidies for affordable housing
  • Credit enhancements to increase loan to cost and/or limit risk
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RPC is a one-stop solution for public sector entities that seek to utilize private sector funding options and/or structured financing as an economic development tool to finance and develop sustainable infrastructure to suit the needs of the community. Infrastructure includes commercial real estate, state and private universities, urban and rural redevelopment projects, as well as projects related to transportation, education, and other government service facilities.

Alternative Financial Solutions:

  • Private placement and public offering bonds
  • Tax Increment Financing
  • Credit Tenant Leases
  • Bondable Lease Structures
  • Structuring Public Private Partnerships
RPC places debt and equity for income producing and “for-sale” real estate transactions, including land for development. We bring an analytical and collaborative approach that is typically found in a larger full-service brokerage firm. We have the capability to handle smaller transactions far more efficiently, while still providing the high-level expertise, product and marketplace knowledge that a large complicated transaction requires.

Mortgage Banking:

  • Property Level Due Diligence
  • Market Research
  • Financial Analysis
  • Create comprehensive offering materials
  • Source equity, mezzanine, construction, short and long term financing
  • Prepare request-for-proposal solicitations for clients to secure joint venture partner
  • Present and assist with negotiations and lender/investor selection
  • Negotiating debt and equity terms and conditions
  • Timely, efficient and cost effective closing


RPC advises and informs the owner on issues relating to the development, design, and construction of the project. Specific attention is focused on ways in which the design and construction can be undertaken so that development can be achieved in the most cost-effective manner while maintaining superior quality.

Owner's Representation:

  • Due Diligence
  • Concept
  • Design & Planning
  • Programming
  • Environmental
  • Budget & Scheduling
  • Procurement and Contract Implementation
  • Communication/execution effectively with inspectors, consultants, and contractors
  • Closeout/Commissioning